[FL-IX] Netflix Open Connect (AS2906) - FL-IX Scheduled Maintenance - 1/25/16 @ 0900 EST

Ryan Planchart rplanchart at netflix.com
Thu Jan 21 14:57:04 EST 2016

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Valued FL-IX peers:

Hi, this is Ryan from Netflix (AS2906).

I'm writing to let you know that we'll be taking our FL-IX sessions down
for maintenance Monday morning (Jan 25th) around 0900 EST.

We're upgrading our IX connections from 2x40G to 2x100G

Our IPs on the IX are as follows:

> --- 2001:504:40:108::1:10
> --- 2001:504:40:108::1:50

Nothing is required of you, this is just a heads up.
Please don't shutdown any BGP sessions with AS2906 during the duration of
our maintenance.
Everything should come back up when we're finished, and I'll contact any
peers that don't individually.

If you don't peer with Netflix on FL-IX and would like to, please send a
request to peering at netflix.com


Netflix Open Connect
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