[FL-IX] Welcome Route Views Project (AS6447) to FL-IX!

Eric Smith help at routeviews.org
Mon Jan 22 18:46:19 UTC 2018


                ANNOUNCING a new RouteViews Collector


                at the FL-IX - South Florida Internet Exchange



Our peering details are:






If you are not familiar with RouteViews, we are a not-for-profit, public research project that has been collecting BGP routing data since late 1997.  We are based at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon in the United States.


We try to get full-table views if possible, but normal export is acceptable as well.  As with most people, we request that you filter out RFC1918, NULL routes, and DEFAULT.  We set our side to send out zero/nothing.


Many thanks to the FL-IX and Netflix for supporting this research and hosting our collector.  We anticipate that we will have other announcements to make very soon.


Additional resources related to this collector found at:



Other collectors are listed at peeringdb.com - https://www.peeringdb.com/net/3367

A huge thanks to all supporters and contributors.


help at routeviews.org





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Subject: [FL-IX] Welcome Route Views Project (AS6447) to FL-IX!




Please welcome Route Views Project to FL-IX!


AS: 6447


v6: 2001:504:40:108::1:119

Port: 40Gbps


Further details can be found in the portal at: 




The FL-IX Team


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