[FL-IX] Peering with Akamai/Prolexic (AS32787) at FL-IX

Mullally, Ronan rmullall at akamai.com
Wed May 23 10:48:42 UTC 2018


Prolexic, part of Akamai, are a leading DDoS mitigation service provider. 
We provide a cloud-based solution to customers worldwide.  We have 
recently brought our Miami scrubbing centre into service and are seeking
peers at FL-IX.

Peering with us does not give any direct protection from DDoS attacks 
directed towards you, but does give you a short path over which to offload 
outbound DDoS traffic which might be transiting your network.  

More importantly it gives a direct path over which to exchange legitimate
traffic for mutual customers as well as improved proximity for your 
customers to customers on our network, many of whom are well known 
brands and household names.

Our peering details are below. If you are interested in peering with us at
FL-IX or indeed any of the locations below please let me know or email 
<peering at akamai.com>.

City			Exchange	IPv4			 	 IPv6
Amsterdam	AMS-IX		2001:7f8:1::a503:2787:1
Ashburn		Equinix	2001:504:0:2:0:3:2787:1
Chicago		Equinix	2001:504:0:4:0:3:2787:1
Dallas		Equinix	2001:504:0:5:0:3:2787:1
Frankfurt		DE-CIX		2001:7f8::8013:0:1
Frankfurt		ECIX		2001:7f8:8:20::8013:0:1
Hong Kong 	Equinix		2001:de8:7::3:2787:1
Hong Kong	HKIX		2001:7fa:0:1::ca28:a11a
London		LINX LON1		2001:7f8:4::8013:1
London		LINX LON2		2001:7f8:4:1::8013:1
London		Lonap		2001:7f8:17::8013:1
Los Angeles	Any2	2001:504:13::211:137
Miami		FL-IX		2001:504:40:108::1:27
Miami		NOTA	2001:478:124::1207
New York		NYIIX		2001:504:1::a503:2787:1
Palo Alto		Equinix	2001:504:d::3:2787:1
Paris		Equinix	2001:7f8:43::3:2787:1
Paris		France-IX		2001:7f8:54::1:164
Prague		NIX.CZ		2001:7f8:14::2f:2
San Jose		Equinix	2001:504:0:1:0:3:2787:1
Stockholm	Netnod 1500-A	2001:7f8:d:ff::70
Stockholm	Netnod 1500-B	2001:7f8:d:fe::70
Sydney		Equinix	2001:de8:6::3:2787:1
Sydney		IX-NSW	2001:7fa:11:4::8013:0:1
Tokyo		BBIX		2001:de8:c::3:2787:1
Tokyo		JPIX	2001:de8:8::3:2787:1
Tokyo		JPNAP	2001:7fa:7:1::3:2787:1
Vienna		VIX		2001:7f8:30::2:1:3:2787

AS: 32787
Suggested Maximum prefixes: 3000/250 (v4/v6)

*** 24/7 Break/Fix ***
NOC Email: nocc-tix at akamai.com
NOC Phone: +1 617 444-3007

*** Session Modification/Administrative/etc. ***
Peering Email: peering at akamai.com
Peering Phone: +1 617 444-3007

Akamai Technologies

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