[FL-IX] FL-IX Maintenance at Equinix MI1 on Thursday Apr 23

Ryan Woolley rwoolley at fl-ix.net
Mon Apr 20 19:58:47 UTC 2020

Greetings FL-IX members,

Next Thursday, April 23, between 1am and 5am, and in coordination with
Equinix MI1, we will be migrating the second of two batches of member
cross-connects from legacy switches in the Zayo cage over to an
existing switch in the FL-IX cabinet within the same facility.

This work affects connectivity only for the members listed below, and
is necessary to support the growth of the IX.

Members who are listed below will experience a brief loss of link on
their port or ports during the window and Equinix will update the
Z-side of your cross-connect from Zayo to Community IX in their

Members who are not listed but have BGP sessions with a listed member
should expect those sessions to drop and then recover.

No action is necessary on your part.

In the unlikely event that you experience trouble after the completion
of the migration, please contact the FL-IX NOC at noc at fl-ix.net

Algar Telecom AS 16735
Amplia AS 27924
Automattic AS 2635
CBS Interactive AS 6623
Choopa AS 20473
Critical Hub Networks AS 23114
Durand do Brazil AS 22356
Florida LambdaRail AS 11096 and
Forcepoint AS 44444
GRUcomm AS 10674
HostDime AS 33182
Hotwire Communications AS 23089
Init7 AS 13030
ISPrime AS 23393
KPN International AS 286
Mojohost AS 27589
Nexusguard AS 45474
RNP AS 1916
SoftLayer AS 36351
Summit Broadband AS 23314

Thank you,

Ryan Woolley
Community IX Board and Technical Committee

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