[FL-IX] CIX-ATL Member Status Update

Randy Epstein randy at fl-ix.net
Wed Aug 4 02:39:31 UTC 2021

Greetings FL-IX and CIX-ATL members,


At this time, the FL-IX mailing list is also serving as the CIX-ATL mailing list. We hope to separate these mailing lists very shortly. If you are a member of both exchange points, we will make sure you’re on both lists.


I just wanted to give a quick update to everyone on the progress made in Atlanta regarding membership.


At this time, Atlanta has 32 unique members contracted for service. 29 of those members are already online and exchanging traffic and 3 are pending turn-up momentarily.


The following is the list of the CIX-ATL members, their ASN and their port size(s):


365 Data Centers/BBOI                  19151                    10G

Akamai Technologies                      20940                   100G

Blizzard                                              57976                    100G

Broadcast Networks                        17077                    2x10G

Clouvider                                           62240                    10G

DataBank                                           13767                    10G

Facebook                                           32934                    100G

Fastly                                                  54113                    100G

Genesis Adaptive                             23367                    10G

Google                                               15169                    2x100G

GTHost                                               63023                    2x10G

Haproxy Technologies                     11019                    100G

Hurricane Electric                             6939                      100G

Linode                                                 63949                    100G

Metro Fiber Systems                        398448                 10G

Microsoft                                            8075                      2x100G

Momentum Telecom                        25645                    10G

Netflix                                                  2906                      2x100G

NetFortris                                            32035                    10G

Netskope                                             55256                    10G

Nodes Direct                                       19531                    10G

NOLA Broadband                               22462                    10G

Pixel Factory Data Center                 32425                    2x10G

Planters Communications                26744                    2x10G

QTS Data Centers                               20141                    10G

Southern Crossroads                         10490                    2x10G

TelNet Worldwide                             27553                    10G

Unitas Global                                      1828                      10G

Uniti Fiber                                           13760                    100G

WaveFly                                               40805                    10G

Whitesky Communications              62887                    2x10G

Zayo                                                      6461                      100G


CIX-ATL is now available at 9 locations in the Atlanta Metro area:

Digital Realty (formerly Telx), 56 Marietta St NW, Atlanta
EdgeConneX (EDCATL01), 1003 Donnelly Ave SW, Atlanta
EdgeConnex (EDCATL02), 1101 Donnelly Ave SW, Atlanta
Equinix (AT1), 180 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta
Equinix (AT2/3), 56 Marietta St NW, Atlanta
American Tower (formerly Colo Atl), 55 Marietta St NW, Atlanta
Cogent Atlanta, 55 Marietta St NW, Atlanta (available via the Colo Atl MMR)
QTS Data Centers (Atlanta-Metro), 1033 Jefferson St NW, Atlanta
QTS Data Centers (Atlanta-Suwanee), 300 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee

If you are already a member of CIX-ATL, please consider contacting the members above to arrange for bilateral peering if you do not already do so.


If you are interested in joining CIX-ATL, we are still offering the first year free with a two-year commitment, you please let me know directly. You may even cancel prior to the first year ending if you chose to.




Randy Epstein

Executive Director

Email: randy at fl-ix.net


Mobile: +1 561-756-4475

Office: +1 888-925-4678

Fax: +1 561-431-0437



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